Birth Healing

Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th January, 10.30am - 5pm

Workshop with Douglas Crawford

Lancaster Hall Hotel, 35 Craven Terrace, London W2 3EL

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Rebirthing Our Way Back to God.

Our physical birth can be seen as a replay of the moment we seemed to separate from God. It is often a struggle, painful, and can be traumatic, leaving us with recurring challenges throughout our lives.

In the words of birth educator Frederik Leboyer: “The traces left by the tortures at birth are everywhere to be seen - on the skin, in the bones, in the stomach, in the back, in all our human folly, in our madness, in our torture, in our prisons, in legends, epics and myths!”

This weekend, Douglas will help you look at the way you were received at birth and explore the life decisions you may have made based on this experience.

Rebirthing combined with A Course in Miracles is a powerful means of coming to the root of the difficulties and releasing them.

You can choose to attend Saturday only, which is a complete experience in itself, or book for both days, with Sunday being a day of deepening and extending the work of Saturday.

Douglas Crawfordhas been working internationally with ‘Source Breathwork’ (Rebirthing) and ACIM for 30 years. He has been running a one year course in Denmark for 12 years, entitled ‘A Journey to Inner Peace’. Birth has been one of the major themes of his work.

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