The Development of Trust

Tuesday 28th March 2017, 7 - 9.30pm (doors open 6.45pm)

Talk by Francis Bennett... and more...

Miracle Cafe, Covent Garden NEW VENUE!

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Francis Bennett will reflect on the path and practice of surrender as the primary practice for our everyday life in the world. Surrender builds a bridge from the meditation cushion to the marketplace, leading to a life lived in confidence and trust.

Francis Bennett, a former Trappist monk, studied deeply in the Theravadan Buddhist practice of Vipassana, as well as studying and practising Japanese Zen and A Course in Miracles. Francis devotes his time to offering spiritual direction and helping people in their spiritual quest and has lead retreats in both the Vipassana Buddhist Tradition and in the Christian mystical/contemplative Tradition. In 2010, he experienced the presence of God. He is the author of I Am That I Am.
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Location: NEW VENUE! The Meeting Rooms, 14 Neals Yard, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9DP

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