The Art of Surrender

Friday 9th (7pm) – Sunday 11th February, 2018 (8pm)

Workshop with Sandy Levey-Lunden

Kingston upon Thames, Surrey

In this amazing workshop, the limiting beliefs you hold about love and relationships are revealed and released. To "surrender" doesn't mean to give up; it means letting go of what is unnecessary or keeping you back. It also means giving up the situation to a higher power or universal consciousness and trusting that the world will give you strength and joy in return. 

Relationships don't have to be a battle where one wins and one loses. When both parties surrender their defense and attack, they make room for harmony, peace and forgiveness. 

Through several sessions guided in the revolutionary "Clearing" process by experienced coaches, you will initiate the journey to self-healing by identifying your sub-conscious blockages to joy, success, and lasting relationships and release them. By surrendering these blockages, negative judgments and blame through forgiveness you will experience a true peace with yourself.

The Clearing process technique is a vital tool that can be used in any situation, or at any time to help release those blockages by giving up negative perceptions of the past, unreal assumptions about the present, and unrealistic expectations of the future - allowing you to fully experience the power, freedom, and pure delight of NOW.

This amazing workshop will give you: 
- Release from conflicts in any interpersonal relationships.
- A tool that can be used anywhere at any time called the Power of 
Clearing process
- Emotional closure from past traumas or relationships. 
- A new outlook on a life you never knew you could live.
- A new paradigm in relationships with your friends, family, lovers and partnerships.

Sandy Levey-Lunden has been studying A Course In Miracles as a teacher and a student since 1990 and has written 16 different courses, all based upon an experience that she was presented with, and all based on the principles of A Course in Miracles. In 1990 Sandy received a process from the Holy Spirit called the Power of Clearing during a crisis in her life, and this is the core teaching of her courses.

Full description:
Friday: 7-10pm
Saturday: 9am - 9pm
Sunday: 10am - 8pm

£475, plus £50 for meals (lunches, dinners).

Contact Jacquie Weeden: 07766 044120 or


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