The Art of Giving and Receiving Love

Friday 1st (7pm) - Sunday 3rd June 2018 (8pm)

Workshop with Sandy Levey-Lunden

Dollar, Clackmannanshire, Scotland

We are love. That is our definition and true identity. Are you living like you are love, or are you living like you are fearful, vulnerable and unsafe?

According to A Course In Miracles, our greatest fear is the fear of love. Do you notice this fear every day in the contraction you feel when people are extending themselves to you in a loving way? Do you perceive you have a loving environment? If not, what are your ego thoughts about who doesn’t extend love to you, and why? On a percentage level, how open are you to receiving back the love in the moment you give it, and being nurtured at that moment? Are you a love magnet, or do you resist love and even push it away? Are you receiving the love totally into you that people are giving you on a daily basis?

Are you really open to receive love into your total being and let go of all of your blockages to receiving love? What is your family history of giving and receiving love and a description of the way your family—mother, father, siblings—gave and received love? Do you feel fulfilled and filled with love? What are your fears of love? 

An honest look at our acts of love shows that we usually give to get something back – if only a ‘thank you’, approval, acknowledgment or validation. But true giving is a call from our heart to extend ourselves to another, with no expectation or thought of return. And only true giving has real value – for only when we truly give do we also truly receive in that moment. 

During the course, participants learn the tools for the Clearing Process, performing clearings with a team of trained assistants for a unique, personal process. This method can clear deep traumas, conflict in relationships, bringing you to a place of lightness, peace and joy, finding closure in relationships that still cause pain. 

This amazing workshop will give you: 
- Release from conflicts in any interpersonal relationships
- Total inner peace in all relationships
- A tool that can be used anywhere at any time, called the Power of 
Clearing Process 
- Emotional closure from past traumas or relationships. 
- A new outlook on a life you never knew you could live.
- A new paradigm in relationships with your friends, family, lovers and partnerships.

Sandy Levey Lunden is the main teacher of the course and has been a life coach, counselor and seminar leader for 35 years. She has been teaching her 27 courses through her company, On Purpose, since 1982 all over the world.

Friday: 7-10pm
Saturday: 9am - 9pm
Sunday: 10am - 8pm

£475 plus £50 for meals 

Contact Sally Pain: (01206) 865582, 07921 395565 (texts), or


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