2010 Conference - Living A Course in Miracles


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Thank you and the team so much for an incredible weekend. I was absolutely blown away and have yet to land.
Robert Chapman

Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful two days. I could see and feel so many miracles – or expressions of love – all around me, including the delicious hot lunches, etc. After listening to so many wonderful, inspiring talks, I felt a really renewed and refreshed enthusiasm for studying, practising and extending A Course in Miracles teachings.
Peggy-Jane Rogers

What an absolutely amazing weekend. I am looking forward to being involved in many more of these amazing events. The best thing is getting to meet and connect with all of these wonderful people.
Michael Watson

Congratulations on a fantastic weekend. The balance and quality of the speakers was a stroke of genius and the whole event flowed beautifully. I do hope that elation has won over exhaustion and that you will be reaping the rewards of all your hard work.
Diana Elt

A huge thank you for a wonderful conference: after all these years of being on the sidelines, it was a real joy to attend and be a part of it all. My thanks go to you, the team and all the speakers for being such an inspiration.
Anne Davis

Thank you for having such an amazing conference. It was so refreshing to meet such a diverse group of people from all ages and all walks of life. Hope to be at the next one!
Jessica Stebbings

Here is a warm thank you to you all for a wonderful weekend. I felt such warmth in the room and loved the new arrangements of the space and how smooth the flow was from one thing to another all throughout the weekend. And thank you for having me be a speaker. I was glad to do that! I hope, by now, you are all feeling rested and flying on the wings of joy generated by all that we shared over the weekend. It was great.
Annie Blampied

I want to acknowledge you for putting on such a magnificent conference. It was a lot of fun, with an atmosphere of love, ease and jollity, also moments of inspirational brilliance. It took us all by surprise, I think! I loved the sense of fun and happiness in it, not heavy or too serious / intense. It was a great way of restoring a true perspective on living, and the Divine Relationship, the Divine way of reconnecting with who we truly are. So thank you again. I would not want to miss the Miracle Conference for the world and it would be so amazing if it could happen more often.
Elizabeth Watson

I want to thank you for having me for the conference. It was a life changing experience for me. You are a bright light for the planet. You are the Light of the world!
Earl Purdy

Thank you so much for a lovely weekend and a wonderful opportunity to serve as a communication device for Holy Spirit. I had such a fun time. Your dedication to really living the Course through your work and love is so inspiring!
Cheryl Ford

Once again, a huge thank you for your arranging of the miracle Conference. Once again, I have to say it was the best so far – a wonderful blend of quality speakers and a great subject. I so appreciate your love and your giving to us all.
Nick Davis

I want to say a huge thank you for a brilliant conference. Everything about it was great. Venue was perfect for me to get to, food was right up my street, organisation was excellent and the speakers were terrific. I especially enjoyed Nick Davis, Robert Perry and Earl Purdy. I really enjoyed laughing along with Robert Holden and singing along with Barbara Hunt. Terrific! Thank you all so much for all of your effort and commitment to A Course in Miracles. I haveve got the DVDs so will look forward to enjoying it all over again at my leisure. Conferences do not come any better than this and I would recommend the adventure to anyone who was not there this year. Excellent value.
Joyce Bunton

I simply wanted to thank all the organisers of the 2010 Conference and, of course, the speakers. I felt so connected with everyone there, both strangers and familiar faces, and I was completely blown away during the talks and sessions. Such beautiful people, each and every one of them with amazing and inspiring stories to share. David Hoffmeister is a spirit whose sincerity and gentleness I find impossible to put any words to and knowing that I am, as he is (perfect love), lifts me so high I am completely overwhelmed with joy. (How cheesy it sounds... .but. oh, how amazing it feels!) The gratitude and sheer bliss that overwhelmed me throughout the weekend and even up until now, will stay with me for a long time... (well, hopefully, at least until the next conference!). Thank you, with all that I am, for you. All of you.
Kathy Fines