Your Brother is Your Saviour

23rd March 2018

Your relationships offer you the opportunity to heal your mind. Whenever you notice a judgment come up of a brother, know that it has nothing to do with them. It is your shadow thoughts from deep within you that are projecting on to him. These thoughts come from the ancient past, and your brother is giving you the opportunity to heal them in the present moment. Your brother is your saviour and he offers you a gift of eternal value. It is up to you whether you except this gift, or stay stuck in hell. Hell offers you a continuation of pain, suffering, judgments, anger, and upset. Your brothers gift offers you release from this ancient guilt and return to your true Self – love, peace, joy, abundance and happiness. To receive your gift simply notice the shadow projections you have laid on your brother, step back, breathe deep, quiet your mind, and I will do the rest. Your choice for truth is all you need do.