Relax and Accept Divine Order

29th January 2018

“Relax. All is well. All is in Divine order. Just do what is in front of you.
Then pause, breathe deeply, and do the next right thing.
Stress, worry, anxiety are all fear. It is projecting and imagining into the future.
Be still and return to peace.
Just do what’s in front of you. And do it with peace ... and joy.
All is in Perfect Divine order. All is well.
All will be done, perhaps not like you had planned, but it will all fall into place perfectly.
Leave the planning to me. I will walk you through it. Just hold my hand and trust that all is well, all is as it should be ... and relax.
The work you are doing is for you and your brothers.
And you will perform at your best when you are relaxed.”