A brief speck of time

12th February 2018

You are here on this earthly plane for a brief moment. All that you call your life will vanish into nothing. 

Use this time to get back to reality. Constantly remind yourself that you are One with all on the universe. All minds are joined in love. Love is the only reality. In this brief speck of time is the opportunity to return to Source, and to extend what is real… love. 

When you get caught up in the dream you are unconscious, asleep, separate and alone. Use this brief speck of time to connect with your Source, connect with your brothers, and give love to all who come into your orbit. The love you give is extended beyond anything you can see or comprehend. This is your purpose on the earthly plane. And the love you extend is saved for you eternally. Nothing else in the world has any value. Use your brief speck of time wisely.