Sin versus Error

The concept of sin is dismissed by the Course as invalid. Sin assumes that something can exist outside God, and can attack Him, which is impossible:

"When you are tempted to believe that sin is real, remember this: If sin is real, both God and you are not. If creation is extension, the Creator must have extended Himself, and it is impossible that what is part of Him is totally unlike the rest. If sin is real, God must be at war with Himself. He must be split, and torn between good and evil; partly sane and partially insane. For He created what wills to destroy Him, and has the power to do so. Is it not easier to believe that you have been mistaken than to believe in this?" (T-19.III.6:1-6)

Sin and guilt always go together. If guilt is not real (and the Course states that is not), then sin does not exist either. Sin demands punishment, but without guilt there is no need for sin. The ego uses its own logic to try and prove to us that sin is real. The ego claims that: "We have sinned against our god, who demands retribution. However, in exchange for the death of his only son, god is willing to overlook our sins, and forgive us."

The concept of sin forms the cornerstone of the ego's thought system. Without sin, we do not have to fear God, or each other. Without sin, there is no need for the ego's defences. Without sin, anger and attack have no justification. Without sin, retribution and sacrifice lose all meaning. Without sin, we finally see ourselves and one another as we truly are: the children of a loving Father, created perfectly in His image.

Only God and His Kingdom are real, and we have always remained a part of that reality. Therefore, we were merely mistaken about our true identity. One of the central themes of the Course is that we are still as God created us. We have made errors, and we have tried to stay separated from God, Who gently reminds us that we are wrong and calls us to awake.

The dream of separation, guilt and sin seems so real in time. Yet in eternity, it has never occurred. A Course in Miracles reminds us of this truth and guides us Home to God.