What is the relevance of the Workbook lessons?

Both the Text and the Manual for Teachers give the theoretical foundation of A Course in Miracles. The Workbook provides daily lessons, guiding us in the practical application of these principles. Without practising the lessons, studying the Course could easily remain an intellectual exercise.

Likewise, avoiding the theoretical framework set out in the Text of the Course would make the practice of the lessons meaningless.

The Course is not meant to be a coffee-table book which you pick up once in a while with the intention of finding a good quote. The name implies that regular study is required to learn the thought system which A Course in Miracles sets forth. Attending a study group often proves a good support in this process.

The Course gives a number of guidelines concerning the Workbook practice. The main points are:

  • to find a quiet time, preferably early in the morning, to read a lesson and meditate on it;
  • the lessons should be studied in the order given;
  • only one lesson per day should be undertaken;
  • the ideas of the lesson of the day are to be applied to all situations which the student finds himself in;
  • frequent reminders during the day reinforce the theme of the lesson.

Allen Watson, of the Circle of Atonement, publishes commentaries on the lessons, which are sent to subscribers of an electronic mailing and to the newsgroup: talk.religion.course-miracle (check with your Internet provider on how to access newsgroups).

In addition, Allen's writings may be accessed on the Workbook commentaries archive, maintained by James Hale in Australia.