What Is the Miracle Network?

The Miracle Network is a UK-based charity, formed in 1994, which acts as an umbrella organisation for all things ACIM; it also has some members overseas.

The Miracle Network is a support, contact and information service for 3,500 ACIM students.

The Miracle Network publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, Miracle Worker, as well as MiracleNet, this UK-based website for students of ACIM.

The Miracle Network organises ACIM-related events at both local and national level, in addition to providing a Mail-Order service offering the lowest UK prices on a large range of ACIM-related books, audio-tapes and computer software programs.

These services are provided on a voluntary basis, so the Miracle Network welcomes UK subscribers to 'Miracle Worker,' as well as donations, in order to maintain these services.

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If you would like to benefit yourself and others by joining the Miracle Network, please send in the Order Form or contact us at:

Miracle Network
204 Holcroft Court
Clipstone Street
London W1W 5DJ
Tel/Fax: 020 7262 0209
Email: admin@miracles.org.uk