What is The Foundation for Inner Peace?

The Foundation for Inner Peace ("FIP") is the publisher of A Course in Miracles. Based in California, USA, the members of the FIP board are: Judith Skutch-Whitson, Robert Skutch and Kenneth Wapnick.

The FIP has always existed purely to disseminate the Course material, rather than to engage in any form of active commercial promotion.

In the mid 1990s, the Foundation sold the publishing rights of the Course to Penguin USA and, in 1999, passed the copyright to the Foundation for A Course in Miracles.

The Foundation continues to supervise the translation of the Course into other languages. The first two translations published were Spanish and Portuguese, followed by German and Hebrew. The most recently available translations, released in 1999, are Russian, Chinese, Dutch and Italian. Many other translations are in progress, including French, Japanese, Greek, Danish, Czech, Finnish, Slovene, Serbo-Croat, Swedish, Norwegian, Romanian and Polish.

For information on how to support this wide-ranging programme of translations, please write to:

The Foundation for Inner Peace, Inc.
PO Box 598
Mill Valley
CA 94942-0598